The 2012 Arts Awards finalists
Apr. 20, 2012

The City of Richmond Arts Awards program recognizes the artistic achievements and contributions of residents, artists, educators, organizations and business leaders.

All arts disciplines are recognized under six categories: Business and Arts, Volunteerism, Cultural Leadership, Artistic Innovation, Arts Education and Youth Arts.

The winners will be announced at a reception at Richmond City Hall on May 8.

Artistic Innovation:
Cinevolution Media Arts Society: The Cinevolution Media Arts Society has been playing a leading role in promoting film and new media arts in Richmond. Its mission is to promote innovative creation and critical discourse through film and new media art work;

Sze-Oi Lucia Lau: In 1998, Sze-oi established the first art therapy program at Chimo Crisis Services, the Children Who Witness Abuse program for children aged four to 18. She opened her private practice, Dr. Art School of Expressive Arts Therapy, in 2000;

Richmond in 3D: Since 2009, Richmond in 3D has used innovative artistic formats to stimulate and support community-based dialogue and action on diversity, anti-racism and immigrant settlement issues.

Arts Education:
BC Art and Literacy Centre Society: The society’s mandate is to lead, develop, house and promote programs that engage British Columbian children, youth and adults in art for its own sake as well as a means of enhancing literacy and learning;

Jon Lee-Son: Lee-Son founded the improv troupe Tickle Me Pickle in 1999 as a way to involve youth in fine arts;

Richmond Academy of Dance: The Richmond Academy of Dance is internationally recognized for its training programs including classical ballet, modern dance, body conditioning and Pilates, jazz, tap, musical theatre and vocal training.
Business and the Arts:

Am-Pri Construction: As the general manager of Am-Pri Construction Ltd., Amit Sandhu is a local businessman interested in contributing to the welfare of his community;

Appia Group of Companies: Appia Group of Companies, contributed $100,000 for the No. 3 Road Art Columns Project;

CORE Revelation Productions: CORE Revelation aims to reach out and share the gospel through Hip Hop, dance and music.

Cultural Leadership:

Nes and Tonette Gatus founded the Philippine Cultural Art Society of BC to give Filipino-Canadian youth the opportunity to discover their heritage and introduce this rich folk art tradition to all Canadians.

Cherelle Jardine is a singer and musician who not only performs in her own band, but promotes other local musicians through her music series, Musical Expression.

Eugene Skovorodnikov is the artistic director of the Music Encore Concert Society.


Seema Aaron has been a Gateway Theatre volunteer since 1981, a full three years before the theatre facility was constructed. At Gateway, Aaron is always ready to assist, whether selling raffle tickets or working front of house at fund raising events, all on top of her regular volunteer duties.

Willa Walsh is a retired teacher-librarian from McNair secondary. She founded and ran a Writers Festival for students, organizing sessions with celebrated Canadian authors.

Loraine Wellman has studied art ever since she was a child and has had exhibitions at Gateway Theatre, Richmond Art Gallery and Richmond City Hall. Wellman is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Richmond Artists Guild and a participant in a life drawing group.


Tiffany Cheng is a visual artist at Steveston-London secondary. She has worked on many projects for charity.

Jennifer Li is a multitalented artist who has a passion for many visual and performing arts. An accomplished illustrator who has provided drawings for several publications, she also draws caricatures and demonstrates calligraphy at various events.

Shirley Liu is a visual artist and pianist at A.R.

MacNeill secondary.

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