News profiles men of character
Jun. 15, 2012

“Wrestler, CEO get to grips with each other,”

I would like to commend the Richmond News for doing an excellent job in recognizing two outstanding young men. Both Amit Sandhu and Arjan Bhullar are great role models for our youth.

Whereas Sandhu has won accolades in business, Bhullar has proven himself to be an exceptional wrestler. Both of them are always willing and eager to give back to the community. They got it from their families, which are very well known and respected not only in the South Asian community, but also in the community at large.

I have known both of these families for a long time. Sandhu’s dad, Parmjit Sandhu, is a very modest, kind and generous businessman. Similarly, Bhullar’s dad Avtar Bhullar used to be a prominent and respected wrestler.

Both the Sandhu and Bhullar families are always in the forefront when it comes to helping the community. They are a pride of the South Asian community. Both Sandhu and Bhullar carry on the family tradition.

As reporter Alan Campbell mentioned in his story, it is great to see these two stars get to grips with each other. In this context, Ampri must be commended for sponsoring champion wrestler Bhullar in his quest for gold medal at the London Summer Olympics. He has the entire community’s support and best wishes. Young people like Sandhu and Bhullar are a great credit to Richmond and their community.

Balwant Sanghera Richmond

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