Grind for the Mind - Supporting Mental Health Initiatives
Nov. 12, 2014

The second annual Grind for the Mind fundraising event takes place on Saturday, September 6th. The hike starts at 9 am at the base of the Grouse Grind trail.

What is Grind for the Mind?
The fundraising hike is the brainchild of local developer Paramjit Sandhu, the Ampri Group’s founder. It’s designed to help promote healthy bodies and minds. Money raised will be used to help develop an innovative, family-centred model of care in the mental health unit at Richmond Hospital.
“Mental illness and substance abuse not only affects the individual but also those close to them who, often, are the most important people in their support network,” said Natalie McCarthy, director of Mental Health and Addictions, and Residential Care at Richmond Hospital.

Why is it important to educate the support network?
By providing more educational information to that supportive segment with the extra funding, family and friends can develop a better understanding of the situation and help provide better overall outcomes for their loved ones, she added.
Natalie Meixner, president and CEO of the Richmond Hospital Foundation said the Sandhu’s deserve a lot of thanks for their efforts to not only raise money for mental health treatment, but to raise awareness about the subject as well.

Grind for the Mind 2013
At the inaugural Grind for the Mind last year, 125 people took part and raised $30,000.
The hike will be followed by a presentation at the mountain top’s Theatre in the Sky by Dr. Reena Sandhu of Vault Therapy.

Want more information?
To get more information, register for the hike or sponsor one of the participants, check out the Grind for the Mind website.

Richmond Hospital Foundation

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