Generations of Philanthropy
Oct. 12, 2010


For the Sandhu family, investing in the community that has supported them is just a given. Whether supporting their own family members to become established in Richmond, or supporting schools and our hospital, giving is second nature.

It is not often that young adults make substantial donations to Richmond Hospital, but Amit Sandhu was inspired by his father’s generosity. He says that giving to the community is just a natural progression of his family’s growth in Canada.

“Since arriving in Canada, my dad first worked to establish himself in the residential construction industry,”Amit explains. “Then during the nineties he was able to assist several of his cousins to establish their own businesses here in Richmond as they migrated from India and England.” In their third decade in Richmond, their attention has turned to helping the community.

Their first local initiative was to help fund a new playground for Anderson Elementary School which was destroyed by an arson fire in 2007. They have also helped build a residence for nursing exchange students from UBC in India, and funded a school bus and an ambulance in Punjab.

At age 24, Amit decided that, it was time to get more involved financially and personally in the community. Richmond Hospital was a natural fit because the beneficiaries would be their family, friends, and our community. “I believe in investing in the facilities that are provided for us in our community,” he says, “and helping the community that has given so much to our family.”

At the 2009 Starlight Gala, Amit and his family donated $60,000 – a matching gift to support the Emergency Room Campaign and their first gift to Richmond Hospital Foundation.

Not only is Amit motivated by his father, but also his newfound mentors on the Foundation’s special event committee and his fiancée, Reena Girn. Their support gives Amit the inspiration that he then turns around and gives back to the community. “My understanding of the world has changed dramatically,” Amit says thanks to Reena, who is currently a PHD Candidate in Psychology. “I am motivated to make our community and our world a better place to live.”

Amit Sandhu is General Manager of Am-Pri Construction Limited, a family company that has built over 400 townhomes in Richmond. His family has also farmed blueberries in Richmond for 25 years. We are honoured that they’ve chosen to support Richmond Hospital Foundation.


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